My personal commitment as CEO of Asset in Motion


The Who

  • I am value-driven and my Core Values are: Truth, Trust, Transparency, Respect for and Appreciation of others, Integrity and I believe in “None of us is as smart as all of us” 

These values are reflected in the Company’s core ideology, in the way I lead and manage my Asset in Motion team and in the way we honour our Value Promise to our Customers.

      • I have had more than 25 years of senior Leadership and Management experience, Directorships on Board level, Shareholder in various companies and were involved in start-up and existing businesses. I have obtained a PhD and studied Organizational Psychology, Communication Design, Marketing, Senior Management Development, Lean Management and Spirituality and Philosophy.
        I have an enormous respect for my internal customers (my team) as well as for my external customers (our clients). I am committed to the Building of Relationships and Creating Great and Gratifying Customer Experiences on the physical (tangible) and emotional (intangible) level.

The Why

      • Asset in Motion is in Business to destination-rx Excess Luggage Management and to provide Destination Management Assurance to all our Customers
        We are the only Service provider who’s totally focused on Excess Luggage Peace of Mind for the Luxury Tourist Traveller in South Africa
        We take great care of our Customer’s Assets in Motion from collection to final destination.
        Asset in Motion is “small” i.e. Exclusive, Niche, Carefully managed and lead, Well put together and “big” in Purpose, Passion, Positioning and Performance.
        Asset in Motion is committed to adding value and making a Positive Difference to all our stakeholders; our customers, employees, communities and the environment.


Contact the CEO

 I am available at +27 (0) 83 797 9312 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In the unlikely event that you feel that our Value Promise of Care, Assurance, Professional and Personalised Service delivery, or creating a Great Customer Experience were compromised in any way; please contact me.